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The Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Studies Calendar

Calendar Academic Year

Calendar Academic Year
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You are viewing the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar. The effective date of the Calendar runs from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018. Use the left menu to view sections of this Calendar. To view a Calendar from previous years, select it from the List of Undergraduate Studies Archived Calendars. 

The Undergraduate Calendar is published once a year by the Office of the Registrar. The Calendar provides official information about courses, programs, related policies, and regulations for both students and applicants, as well as general information about the University.

The course listings and academic programs/plans described in the Calendar represent Senate-approved requirements and electives for completion of degree requirements. Practical circumstances, such as significant budget shortfalls or the unavailability of qualified personnel, may restrict the actual choices available to students when compared with those listed in the Calendar or in other University publications. The University reserves the right to limit access to courses or programs/plans, and, at its discretion, to withdraw particular programs, plans (including sub plans/options/minors), or courses altogether. In the event that existing resources make it necessary to limit admission to a plan, sub plan, option, or minor, the admission process will be based on competition for the spaces available. In such circumstances the University will endeavour, to the best of its ability, to enable students to complete their degree requirements in a satisfactory manner. Prospective students or new registrants are advised to consult the most current information available from the University and its various Faculties in printed or electronic form, as well as, the schedule of classes and academic advisors before making decisions on registration, programs, or courses.

Information, or links to information, on tuition and other fees applies (except as may otherwise be indicated) to the 2017-2018 fiscal year of the University which commences May 1, 2017. Information relating to academic courses and degree requirements is that for the Fall/Winter/Spring academic cycle which commences September 1, 2017. Detailed information is provided in the relevant sections of this Calendar website.

Academic regulations and requirements listed in this Calendar apply to those students commencing their studies in their chosen plan in September 2017, January 2018, or May 2018. Students are normally governed by the regulations current for their academic plan at the time they commence studies in that plan, except when plan selection is required only after a specified period of registration. Students who select a plan within the time limits specified by the Faculty will be governed by the regulations current in the term in which they entered the Faculty.

When degree requirements change, a student may continue to be governed by the set of regulations as specified in the preceding paragraph or can elect to be governed by the new set of regulations, unless the Faculty specifies otherwise when the change is introduced.

Inquiries concerning the contents of the Calendar may be directed to the Registrar.

The University reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from a course or courses for academic or other reasons.

In the event that the University must take decisions in face of major disruptive events beyond its control, it will do so on the direction of medical or other authorities as appropriate, and will use its best efforts to minimize the academic consequences to its students.

The Senate and Board of Governors of the University of Waterloo reserve the right to invoke changes in this Calendar at any time without prior notice.


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