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Honours Environmental Science (Ecology Specialization)
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Advisor: See Faculty of Science, academic advisors.

Continuation in Honours Environmental Science, Ecology Specialization, requires a cumulative overall average of 60% and a cumulative Science average of 60%.

Successful completion of this program requires:

  1. 21.75 units distributed as follows:
  2. Completion of the English Language Proficiency Requirement
Additional Program Conditions:
  1. A maximum of 5.0 failed units is permitted.


  1. Students must select ENGL 109 as an elective if they wish to gain membership in the College of Applied Biology of British Columbia (e.g. Registered Professional Biologist, R.P. Bio.); this designation is an employment requirement for certain Ecological and Environmental Science positions.
  2. Many positions in Ecology and Environmental Science require knowledge of environmental planning. Students are encouraged to select ENVS 201 (Introduction to Canadian Environmental Law) as an elective.
  3. One 400-level BIOL field course is recommended to complete this program. Field courses are intensive two-week courses held at off-campus locations during the spring term. Enrolment in these courses works differently than regular course enrolment.

Recommended Course Selection

Year One


BIOL 150 Organismal and Evolutionary Ecology
CHEM 120/CHEM 120L Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter/Laboratory
EARTH 121/EARTH 121L Introductory Earth Sciences/Laboratory
PHYS 111/PHYS 111L Physics 1/Laboratory
One elective (0.5 unit)


BIOL 120 Introduction to Plant Structure and Function
CHEM 123/CHEM 123L Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics/Laboratory
EARTH 122/EARTH 122L Introductory Environmental Sciences/Laboratory
MATH 127
Calculus 1 for the Sciences
One elective (0.5 unit)

Year Two


BIOL 110 Introductory Zoology
BIOL 130 Introductory Cell Biology
BIOL 240/BIOL 240L Fundamentals of Microbiology/Laboratory
CHEM 266 Basic Organic Chemistry 1
EARTH 123/EARTH 123L Introduction to Hydrology/Field Methods in Hydrogeology


BIOL 239 Genetics
BIOL 165 Diversity of Life or BIOL 211 Introductory Vertebrate Zoology or BIOL 310 Invertebrate Zoology
CHEM 237 Introductory Biochemistry or CHEM 233 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
STAT 202 Introductory Statistics for Scientists
ERS 215 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment I

Year Three


BIOL 350 Ecosystem Ecology
BIOL 354 Environmental Toxicology 1
EARTH 342 Geomorphology and GIS Applications
One BIOL or EARTH elective (0.5 unit) -specifically for Ecology Specialization
One elective (0.5 unit)


BIOL 351 Aquatic Ecology
BIOL 359 Evolution 1: Mechanisms
BIOL 361 Biostatistics and Experimental Design
One BIOL elective 400-level (0.5 unit) - specifically for Ecology Specialization
One elective (0.5 unit)

Year Four

Fall and Winter

BIOL 456 Population Biology or BIOL 458 Quantitative Ecology (Fall)
BIOL 457 Analysis of Communities (Winter)
Three BIOL electives 300-level or higher (1.5 units) - specifically for Ecology Specialization
One EARTH elective 300-level or higher (0.5 unit) - specifically for the Ecology Specialization
Four electives (2.0 units)


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