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Honours Biochemistry (Biotechnology Specialization)
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Advisors: See Faculty of Science, academic advisors.

The Specialization is also available in the Co-operative system of study.

Professional Standing: The Academic Plan in Biochemistry fulfills the academic requirements for professional membership in the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC).

Continuation in Honours Biochemistry/Biotechnology Specialization requires a cumulative overall average of 60% and a cumulative average of 60% in each of the subjects, Chemistry and Biology.

Successful completion of this program requires:
  1. 22.0 units that include:
  2. Completion of the English Language Proficiency Requirement
Additional Program Conditions:
  1. BIOL and CHEM elective units chosen from List A and B must include a minimum of 1.5 BIOL units and 1.0 CHEM unit.


  1. PHYS 111L or PHYS 121L should be taken in Year One if it counts as the 0.25 program lab unit.
  2. BIOL 273L or CHEM 250L should be taken in Year Two if it counts as the 0.25 program lab unit.
  3. CHEM 313L should be taken in Year Three Winter if it counts as the 0.25 program lab unit.
  4. CHEM 224L should be taken in Year Two Winter if it counts as the 0.5 program lab unit.
  5. CHEM 212 should be taken in Year Two Winter and CHEM 360L should be taken in Year Three Winter if CHEM 360L is the 0.5 lab unit.
  6. BIOL 273L has a BIOL 273 co-requisite; CHEM 360L has a CHEM 360 co-requisite.
  7. Students should consult their program advisor for any course sequencing questions.

Recommended Course Sequence

Year One

BIOL 130/BIOL 130L Introductory Cell Biology/Cell Biology Laboratory
CHEM 101 Introduction to Biochemical Sciences
CHEM 120/CHEM 120L Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter/Chemical Reaction Laboratory 1
MATH 127 Calculus 1 for the Sciences
PHYS 111 Physics 1 or PHYS 121 Mechanics
One elective (0.5 unit)
BIOL 239 Genetics
CHEM 123/CHEM 123L Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics/Chemical Reaction Laboratory 2
CHEM 140 Introduction to Scientific Calculations
MATH 128 Calculus 2 for the Sciences
PHYS 112 Physics 2 or PHYS 122 Waves, Electricity and Magnetism

Year Two

BIOL 240/BIOL 240L Fundamentals of Microbiology/Microbiology Lab
BIOL 309 Analytical Methods in Molecular Biology
CHEM 200 Introduction to Laboratory Techniques
CHEM 220/CHEM 220L Introductory Analytical Chemistry/Laboratory
CHEM 264 Organic Chemistry 1
BIOL 241 Introduction to Applied Microbiology
CHEM 233/CHEM 233L Fundamentals of Biochemistry/Fundamentals of Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 254 Introductory Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM 265/CHEM 265L Organic Chemistry 2/Laboratory
One Program lab elective (0.5 unit) – if choosing CHEM 224L

Year Three

BIOL 342 Molecular Biotechnology 1
BIOL 354 Environmental Toxicology 1
CHEM 331 Fundamentals of Metabolism 1
STAT 202 Introductory Statistics for Scientists or MATH 228 Differential Equations for Physics and Chemistry
One elective (0.5 unit)
BIOL 331 Advanced Cell Biology
CHEM 212 Structure and Bonding
CHEM 335L Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 357 Physical Biochemistry
One Program elective (0.5 unit)
One Program lab elective (0.5 unit) – if choosing CHEM 360L

Year Four

BIOL 439 Biochemistry of Natural Products
BIOL 443 Fermentation Biotechnology
Two Program electives (1.0 unit)
One elective (0.5 unit)
BIOL 432 Molecular Biotechnology 2
Two Program electives (1.0 unit)
Two electives (1.0 unit)


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