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Computer Science

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Computer scientists study the nature and properties of information, its structure and classification, its storage and retrieval, and the various types of processing to which it can be subjected.

The David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science is the largest centre of research and teaching in computer science in Canada. Our students and faculty work across the breadth of the field in areas such as algorithms and complexity; artificial intelligence; bioinformatics; computer algebra and symbolic computation; computer graphics; cryptography, security and privacy; database systems; formal methods; health informatics; human computer interaction; information retrieval; machine learning; programming languages; quantum computing; scientific computation; software engineering; and systems and networking.

The following regular and co-operative plans are accredited by the Computer Science Accreditation Council, which is sponsored by the Canadian Information Processing Society.

  • Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) Honours Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) Honours Computer Science/Business Option
  • Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) Honours Computer Science/Digital Hardware Option
  • Honours Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Honours Bachelor of Computer Science/Business Option
  • Honours Bachelor of Computer Science/Digital Hardware Option
  • Honours Bachelor of Computer Science/Software Engineering Option
  • Any double Honours plan involving an accredited Computer Science plan
  • Any accredited Computer Science plan with a minor

Plans involving the Software Engineering Option are also accredited under the Software Engineering criteria.

This accreditation recognizes that the quality of these plans meets published, generally accepted criteria for sound education in the discipline. A student who graduates from an accredited plan is eligible to be designated as an Information Systems Professional after two years of professional level experience.

Accreditation for Joint Honours Computer Science has not been sought.


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