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Degrees Offered

Degrees Offered
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The University of Waterloo offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Degree Abbreviation
Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management BAFM
Bachelor of Applied Science BASc
Bachelor of Architectural Studies BAS
Bachelor of Arts BA
Bachelor of Computer Science BCS
Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management BCFM
Bachelor of Environmental Studies BES
Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts BGBDA
Bachelor of Health Promotion BHP
Bachelor of Knowledge Integration BKI
Bachelor of Mathematics BMath
Bachelor of Public Health BPH
Bachelor of Science BSc
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy BScPhm
Bachelor of Social Work BSW
Bachelor of Software Engineering BSE
Doctor of Optometry OD
Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD

Further information concerning these degrees and their related plans is available in the Faculty sections of this Calendar website.

The University of Waterloo also offers graduate degrees. Additional information concerning graduate degrees and their related plans is available in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

Honorary Degrees

The following honorary degrees are conferred by the Senate of the University:

Degree Abbreviation
Doctor of Divinity DD
Doctor of Engineering DEng
Doctor of Environmental Studies DES
Doctor of Laws LLD
Doctor of Letters DLitt
Doctor of Mathematics DMath
Doctor of Science DSc

Convocation/Application for Degree

The University of Waterloo confers degrees and/or diplomas at two convocations per year, Spring (June) and Fall (October). All undergraduate students who expect to receive their degree or diploma at the next convocation ceremony must complete an Intention to Graduate form by the appropriate deadlines:

  • Students completing degree requirements in the Fall term: December 1 (Spring convocation)
  • Students completing degree requirements in the Winter term: March 1 (Spring convocation)
  • Students completing degree requirements in the Spring term: August 1 (Fall convocation)

Students should note that adherence to these deadlines is critical to allow the time required for processing and an in-depth review of their academic record.

Students who have applied to graduate but do not yet qualify for their degree must submit another Intention to Graduate form after completing the necessary degree requirements. Their academic records will then be reviewed for the next convocation ceremony.

By accepting the degree, diploma, or certificate conferred, a student is ratifying the undergraduate academic record upon which it was based. Therefore, student initiated changes to that record will not be made.

The name printed on the diploma must be the student's legal name as recorded on their student academic record. Any change to this name must be supported by official documentation and submitted to the Registrar's Office by the above deadlines.

Graduands who are unable to attend convocation will have their diplomas mailed to their permanent home address by the Registrar's Office.


Office of the Registrar
University of Waterloo
2nd Floor, Needles Hall
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1
519 888 4567

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