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Incidental Fees and Additional Fee-Related Notes

Incidental Fees and Additional Fee-Related Notes

Note 1 – Term

Term refers to a particular four-month period of course study:

Fall term – September to December;
Winter term – January to April;
Spring term – May to August.

Note 2 – Co-operative fee

An additional fee assessed to all co-operative-program students enrolled in more than two 0.5-unit courses per term, for a prescribed number of academic terms.

Note 3 – Tuition rates for co-op students

Tuition for co-op students is set at a rate of $14.00 per term higher than the corresponding rate for non-co-op students. This additional fee will recover the academic-related costs of marking work reports and is calculated in accordance with guidelines approved by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Students who have arranged fees for the normally scheduled number of academic terms, but are required to arrange fees for additional terms in order to complete their academic degree requirements are exempted from the co-op and work report marking portion of their fees for the additional terms. Please contact Student Financial Services to have co-op and work-report marking fees removed that are in excess of the number required by the specific program.

Note 4 – Course fees

For the latest undergraduate course fees, refer to the Student Financial Services website.

Note 5 – Study permits

The Ontario government has established a policy of higher tuition fees for international students studying in Ontario on study permits. 

Note 6 – Incidental fees

Incidental fees are charged to students each term based on their Faculty, course load, and citizenship status.

Note 7 – Other costs

The fees shown on the student's account do not include the costs of text books, class notes, mandatory supplies, certain accommodation or other costs associated with field trips, or other miscellaneous expenses, some of which are noted below:

Miscellaneous Fees

Type Amount
Returned cheques – handling charge (plus late registration penalty as applicable) $25.00
Replacement of lost or stolen student photo identification card (WatCard) $20.00
Supplemental examination fee (Engineering only) $50.00


Fees, including mailing costs, for Registrar's Office forms are available on the Registrar's Office website.


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