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Due dates for terms in the coming year are posted on the Student Financial Services website.

Student accounts may be viewed in Quest. An initial fee assessment is posted to student accounts based on the program, academic plan, academic level, and courses enrolled at the time of assessment. Students are responsible to pay in full or make fee arrangements for the balance on their student account by the due date, to avoid being charged a late fee

Changes made to the student's program, enrolment status, course load, housing, or meal plan arrangements after the beginning of term, will be reflected in the student account. Any additional fees posted after the term due date are due at the time they are added to the account. Any credit balance resulting from changes after the start of term will be refunded to students after the seventh week of term.

The University does not issue paper invoices, receipts, or statements for student accounts. Students may use the email function at the bottom of their Quest account financial details page to produce a statement of the account which can serve as an invoice or as a receipt for fees paid.

Outstanding Fees and Implications

Balances which remain outstanding on student accounts 60 days after the term due date and any overdue library fines, parking fines, health services fees, or emergency loans will result in a service indicator (hold) applied to the student's account. The hold will prevent the student from viewing grades; from accessing refunds, transcripts, and diplomas; and from enrolling in courses for another term. The balance must be paid in full for the hold to be removed.


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