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Academic Regulations Related to Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams

Additional Rules for Final Examinations

Additional Rules for Final Examinations

Once a final examination has begun, all candidates must remain for the first hour. Candidates who arrive more than one hour late for an examination may be barred from writing the examination if students have already completed the examination and left the examination room. The decision to allow candidates to write the examination is at the discretion of the proctor. If candidates are allowed to write the examination, the proctor shall mark the time of entry clearly on all of the answer booklets.

Students are prohibited from consuming food and drinks (with the exception of water in a clear bottle with no label) during their final examinations. Students can make arrangements for a short nutrition break supervised by a proctor outside the exam venue during the final exam.

If a single short break will not be sufficient because a student is medically required to consume food or drinks regularly during a final exam, they must register for this accommodation with AccessAbility Services and must submit appropriate documentation from a recognized professional at least three weeks before the start of the final examination period.

Students who become ill during the writing of an examination and are unable to continue should ensure before leaving the site of the examination that the proctor in charge is notified of the situation. In addition, students must notify their course instructor and supply the medical documentation specified above within 48 hours after the partially completed examination.

If students complete an examination, even though they are ill, the grade obtained in the course will normally stand. Students may seek exception to academic regulations on the grounds of illness. These requests must be accompanied by appropriate and timely documentation. The department or Faculty of these students may take the illness into consideration, and possibly alter academic standing, but the grade will not normally be altered.


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