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Academic Regulations Related to Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams

The Final Examination Period

The Final Examination Period

Final examinations are scheduled during a period of days following the formal lecture period, defined by the Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines. Final examinations normally cover all or a substantial portion of the course material. Students require sufficient opportunity to prepare for the final assessment of their courses. Normally, the final examination period is reserved for preparation and sitting for the final.

Courses with final exams may not have other course assignments due during the final examination period. Courses without a final exam may have an assignment equivalent in scope and value to a final exam due during the final examination period. No assignments are to be due during the period between the end of lectures and the beginning of examinations.

Instructors are expected to be available for reasonable consultation (office hours, online discussion boards, etc.) with students from the end of lectures until the time of their final examinations. When instructors cannot be available at the times they set, they will delegate this responsibility to an appropriate substitute.


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