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Specializations in Fine Arts - Studio

Fine Arts - Teaching Preparation Specialization

The Fine Arts – Teaching Preparation Specialization is only open to students pursuing the Intensive Studio Specialization.

The Fine Arts - Teaching Preparation Specialization requires successful completion of:

It is recommended that students pursuing the Fine Arts –Teaching Preparation Specialization also complete:

Students who graduate from the University of Waterloo with the Fine Arts – Teaching Preparation Specialization are eligible to pursue a Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University in either the Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior divisions. Students who choose not to attend Nipissing University will still receive the Teaching Preparation Specialization designation. See the Fine Arts website for more information. 

Digital Art Specialization

The Digital Art Specialization is open to all students majoring in Fine Arts - Studio.

The Digital Art Specialization requires successful completion of six courses:


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