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Honours Classics

Continuation in this academic plan requires a cumulative minimum overall average of 60% and a cumulative minimum Classics major average of 70%.

Eligibility for graduation in the Honours Classics academic plan includes successful completion of the following requirements:

  1. Appropriate Program-level requirements. See Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements.
  2. Classics Plan-level requirements:


  1. All LAT or GRK courses taken will be used to calculate the Classics major average.
  2. The senior seminar requirement is generally met by completing two regular senior seminars (CLAS 486), worth 0.5 unit each. In exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval of the Department, a student may write a Senior Honours Thesis, CLAS 490A/CLAS 490B worth 1.0 unit, or a student may combine one regular senior seminar (CLAS 486) with a directed study (CLAS 492).
  3. Students considering graduate work are strongly encouraged to complete as many Latin and Greek language courses as possible. Admittance to and funding for graduate programs is dependent upon competency in Latin and Greek.

Arts and Business (Co-op and Regular)

Students may combine the Honours Classics academic plan with Arts and Business. In addition to the Honours Classics requirements, students must also complete the Arts and Business requirements.

Honours double majors

Honours Classics may be taken in combination with most Arts majors in which an Honours major is offered or with many Honours majors in other faculties. For further information, see the Double majors section of Available Arts Academic Plans.

Students pursuing a double major are reminded that whether they choose to do CLAS 486 or an Honours Thesis in the other major as their senior requirement, they must still take a total of eight academic course units in the Department of Classical Studies.


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