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Dean's Honours List

To recognize outstanding academic achievement the Arts Faculty has established a Dean's Honours List. To be eligible for the Dean's Honours List a student:

  1. must be a Faculty of Arts degree student;
  2. must have successfully completed a minimum of five University of Waterloo academic course units (ten courses) which count in the cumulative average; and
  3. must have a cumulative overall average of 80% or higher.

For each academic term a student receives Dean's Honours List standing, it is noted on the transcript. Students who graduate with the Dean's Honours List designation will have it noted on their diplomas.

Graduating "With Distinction" - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

In recognition of distinguished academic achievement throughout their undergraduate careers, all students who graduate with a BA degree (Honours or General) and a cumulative average (CAV) of at least 75%, and do not have any INC, IP, or UR grades are eligible to graduate "With Distinction". This notation appears on official University transcripts and diplomas.


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