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Visual Culture in a Global Context Minor

The global reach of media today challenges us to comprehend how the visual arts, performance, film, design, digital media, architecture, among others, have formed world cultures and societies and are changing them. This interdisciplinary plan investigates the history and theory of visual culture, recognizing the rapidly growing international contexts and vastly diverse cultures of spectatorship.

Students enrolled in any degree program may pursue a minor designation in Visual Culture in a Global Context.

The Visual Culture in a Global Context Minor requires successful completion of a minimum of four academic course units (normally eight courses) with a minimum cumulative average of 65%, including:


  1. In many cases, major students have priority for enrolment. Please contact the relevant department for more information.
  2. Several of these courses are cross-listed with Fine Arts.
  3. No one course may fulfil more than one requirement within any Fine Arts plan.


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