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Fine Arts

Fine Arts - Overview and Admission

The Department of Fine Arts offers major and minor academic plans in Studio and Visual Culture. 

Studio Plans

Admission to Fine Arts Studio major academic plans requires successful completion of:

Admission to the Fine Arts Studio Minor requires successful completion of:


  1. Due to limitations of resources, fulfilment of these minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission to Fine Arts Studio academic plans.
  2. Successful completion of FINE 101/VCULT 101 prior to declaring the major or minor will be an asset.
  3. Students should be aware that many studio courses include a significant component of mandatory study from the live nude model. 

Visual Culture Plans

Admission to the Visual Culture academic plans requires successful completion of:

  • VCULT 100/FINE 102 or VCULT 101/FINE 101; and
  • at least one other required course from the fields within the Visual Culture academic plan (art and art history; film; media).

Other Plans

Students are encouraged to enrol in the Teaching Preparation Specialization, as well as take advantage of the several Fine Arts Professional Development opportunities to enrich their academic and professional profile.


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