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Global Experience Certificate

Course Requirements

Course Requirements
AFM 121 Introduction to Global Financial Markets
AFM 333 International Business
AFM 434Governance and Enterprise Risk Management for Global Organizations
AFM 478International Financial Management
ECON 231 lntroduction to lnternational Economics
ECON 332 lnternational Finance
ENVS 220 Ecological Economics
ERS 404/PSCI 432 Global Environmental Governance
GBDA 102 International Business and Cross-Cultural Management
GBDA 301 Global Digital Project 1
GBDA 302 Global Digital Project 2
GBDA 305 Global Development and Business
GBDA 306 Comparative Ethics in a Globalized World
GBDA 401 Cross-Cultural Digital Business 1
GBDA 402 Cross-Cultural Digital Business 2
GEOG 323/REC 383 Perspective on International Tourism
GEOG 426 Geographies of Development
GEOG 459 Energy and Sustainability
INDEV 100 Introduction to International Development
INDEV 200 The Political Economy of Development
INDEV 202 Accounting for Development Organizations
INDEV 212 Problem-solving for Development
INTST 101 Introduction to lnternational Studies
PACS 201 Roots of Conflict, Violence and Peace
PACS 202 Conflict Resolution
PACS 390 Field Studies in Peace and Conflict (International internship)
PHIL 224 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 237/RS 261 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
PSCI 252 Global South: Introduction to lnternational Development
PSCI 281 World Politics
PSCI 283 International Political Economy
PSCI 350  Political Economy of Development  
PSCI 387 Globalization
PSCI 454 Topics in Politics in Global South 
PSYCH 349R/SWREN 349R Cross-Cultural Psychology
RS 100 Religions of the East
SCI 250 Environmental Geology
SCI 462 Biology of Food Production
SDS 370R International Learning Experience
SOC 256 Ethnic and Racial Relations
SOCWK 322R International Perspectives in Community Organization
SPCOM 226 lntroduction to Intercultural Communication


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