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Arts Academic Regulations and Advice

Course Selection and Course Load

Course Load
  1. Full-time students in the Faculty of Arts will normally carry a maximum five-course load (2.5 academic course units) in a term. Students are reminded that course weights can vary.
  2. Students enrolled in up to one academic course unit (e.g., one or two courses of 0.5 academic course units) in a given term are considered to be in part-time studies. Students may enrol part-time in most General and Honours academic plans in Arts. Courses taken on a part-time basis may be scheduled in either the day or evening, or online (see the University of Waterloo Centre for Extended Learning). No distinction is made between part-time and full-time students as to admission, degree requirements, or grading practices.
  3. Students may take six courses (three academic course units) by permission of their undergraduate advisor provided that they have an overall average, based on a minimum of ten courses (five academic course units), of 75% or better. Students with less than 75% require the permission of the Arts Examinations and Standings Committee, via petition, before enrolling in the sixth course.
  4. If a student has courses with INC (incomplete course work) grades on their record, the total unit weight of those courses and the courses enrolled for the current term may not normally exceed 3.0 units. A student may obtain permission from an academic advisor to exceed this limit if an INC will not be completed in the current term because the course is not offered.
  5. Students in the Faculty of Arts who wish to enrol in courses in other faculties are expected to balance Arts and non-Arts courses, choosing a minimum of 50% of each term's course load in Arts disciplines.
  6. In the spring term and summer sessions the combined total course load shall not exceed the normal course load permitted in one term.
  7. Co-op students require permission of their undergraduate advisor and employer to enrol in more than one course (0.5 academic course unit) while on a work term.
  8. Exceptions to these regulations may be sought by petition to the Arts Examinations and Standings Committee.


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