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Awards and Financial Aid

Upper-Year Bursaries and Awards

Upper-Year Bursaries and Awards
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These awards are based primarily on financial need and may include other selection criteria such as extracurricular involvement, leadership, etc. Please reference the Undergraduate Awards Database for information regarding specific criteria.

General information for applicants:

  • Ontario students who apply for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) may not need to apply for a bursary. Each term Student Awards & Financial Aid reviews OSAP assessments in conjunction with information from the University’s student database to calculate students’ need. In accordance with Student Access Guarantee guidelines, students with financial need that exceeds their OSAP funding, will be awarded an automatic bursary.
    • To be considered for an automatic bursary, students must be in full-time studies, be fees arranged, and have their Confirmation of Enrolment done by the term’s last day to drop or withdraw from courses with 100% tuition refund.
    • Students who do not receive an automatic bursary may submit an application form. Please visit the Student Awards & Financial Aid (SAFA) website for details on the University of Waterloo bursary program.
  • Out-of-province students, part-time students, and international students may also submit a bursary application. Bursary applications are available on the SAFA website.
  • Applicants need to complete only one application form to be considered for most bursaries, unless a special application is required.
  • Students should review the Undergraduate Awards Database at the beginning of the study term for details on bursaries with special requirements, deadlines, and applications. 
  • Bursary candidates must be in satisfactory academic standing. Some bursaries and awards require a higher academic standing.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please read and complete the application carefully.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for a bursary early in the term. Unless otherwise stated, the last date to submit an application is:

October 30 - for Fall only term
February 28 - for Fall and Winter terms
February 28 - for Winter only term
June 22 - for Spring only term


Provincial and federal aid policies state that scholarships, awards, and bursaries provided to students receiving provincial and/or federal student aid could reduce funding entitlements. Please contact Student Awards & Financial Aid if further clarification is required.


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