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Social Work

About Social Work

Program Requirements
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To graduate from the Honours Bachelor of Social Work Program, students must successfully complete the following 7.0 academic course units with a cumulative overall average of at least 75%.


* This is the Mexico & Canada: Two Countries - One World experience that includes Reading Week in Mexico and three Saturdays in Canada as well as related academic assignments.
** SWREN 441R, 442R, and 443R total 720 field practicum hours.
*** The practicum courses for part-time students are designated as being offered in two parts (A) and (B) to accommodate completing the field practicum of 720 hours over a different time frame than the full-time program.

Required Academic Courses

SWREN 414R Interviewing and Assessment in Social Work Practice
SWREN 422R Advanced Macro Practice
SWREN 423R Advanced Social Group Work Practice
SWREN 424R Diversity and Empowerment
SWREN 431R Fields of Practice
SWREN 434R Selected Theories for Social Work Practice: Analysis and Application
SWREN 470R Mental Health and Addiction Issues: Social Work Responses

A choice of one of the following academic elective courses:

  • SWREN 411R Integrative Practice: Aboriginal Perspectives and Social Work, or
  • SWREN 471R Social Work with Older Adults: Critical Issues and Future Trends, or
  • SWREN 472R International Context of Practice: An Experiential Learning Opportunity*

Required Field Practicum Courses

Full-Time Studies**

SWREN 441R Practicum 1
SWREN 442R Practicum 2
SWREN 443R Practicum 3 

Part-Time Studies***

SWREN 441A Practicum 1A and SWREN 441B Practicum 1B
SWREN 442A Practicum 2A and SWREN 442B Practicum 2B
SWREN 443A Practicum 3A and SWREN 443B Practicum 3B 

Field Practicum

The full-time program requires a ten-month, three days a week, unpaid field practicum. The organization and timelines for the part-time program are individualized according to student need.

It is required by most practicum agencies that students have a driver's license and access to their own vehicle. Police checks are required by many agencies and in some settings immunization shots may be required.


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