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Students from any University of Waterloo Faculty outside of the Faculty of Science may elect to pursue a joint honours degree with their home department/faculty and Science. There are two types of Joint Honours plans with Science plans:

  1. Joint Honours Arts Major and Science, and
  2. Joint Honours X with Science discipline Y, where X can be any non-Science Honours plan, and Y is one of the four Science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, or Physics).

The requirements listed in the joint Honours Non-Science major plans apply to all non-Science students admitted to the Science portion of joint with Science plans. Students must meet requirements of both plans as stated in the Undergraduate Calendar and should be aware that combining some Honours plans usually requires more than the normal number of academic terms to complete.

Required courses referred to in the descriptions of the joint plans in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Physics are courses that are identified as mandatory core requirements in the non-science plan.

All joint plans with Science must be approved by the appropriate Undergraduate Advisor in the Science department, and the appropriate Undergraduate Officer in the student's home department in the non-Science Faculty, and finally by the Associate Dean of Science. Note that some joint Honours academic plans may not be permissible if there is an excessive amount of double counting of courses. Students are advised to consult with the appropriate advisors prior to enrolment in courses associate with the joint plan.

Admission to a joint Honours academic plan will occur no earlier than Year Two. Students must be in a Satisfactory or better standing in their Honours plan prior to admission.


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