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Grievances, Petitions, and Reassessments
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A grievance may be initiated by a student who believes that an error in academic judgment or procedure has occurred. Belief that an examination included material outside the proper content of the course, or that the instructor refused to accept receipt of legitimate medical evidence are examples of grounds for appeal.

Petitions are appropriate when students seek relief from normal University or Faculty rules and regulations for reasons beyond their control, e.g., illness or bereavement preventing completion of a course. Petitions must be presented within six months after the end of the term in which the event(s) took place that led to the submission of the petition. When an academic term immediately follows the term in which students seek exemption from regulations, immediate action by students may be necessary to minimize delays in their academic progression.

A reassessment of an examination may be requested by a student who is convinced that the grade assessed is unreasonable.

Whenever possible, an informal approach to the person whose judgment is being questioned should precede a grievance, or request for a reassessment. Properly documented reasons must be provided for all grievances, petitions, or requests for a reassessment. Mere dislike of a low grade is not a sufficient reason to request a reassessment.

Refer to the Student Petitions and Grievances Policy (University of Waterloo Policy #70) and the Student Appeals Policy (University of Waterloo Policy #72) for more details. Petition forms are available on the Registrar's Office website.


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