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Degrees, Plans, Minors, and Options
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The Faculty of Science consists of four departments (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics and Astronomy) and two schools (School of Optometry and Vision Science and School of Pharmacy).


The degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) is awarded on the successful completion of one of the four-year Honours programs or the three-year General program. An Honours degree can be earned through a departmental academic plan (e.g., Biology, Chemistry) or a non-departmental academic plan (e.g., Science and Business, Science and Aviation) administered by the Dean of Science Office. The degrees of Doctor of Optometry (OD) and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) are awarded upon the successful completion of these respective professional programs.

Science Undergraduate and Professional Academic Plans

The Faculty of Science offers a number of undergraduate and professional academic plans, in the regular and/or co-operative system of study. In the co-operative system, students alternate study terms on campus with work terms in industry, business, or government, in an area related to their studies. The sequence of study and work terms is designated by each specific academic plan.

Minors and Options

Students in any Science academic plan, excluding Optometry and Pharmacy, can elect to take an additional subject or interdisciplinary area of study that will be designated on the transcript and diploma as a minor or option.

Students should review the relevant sections of the Undergraduate Calendar for the minors and options available, noting any restrictions:

Faculty of Applied Health Studies
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Environment
Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Science


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