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Dean's Honours List
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The Faculty of Science has a Dean's Honours List to recognize outstanding academic achievement.

Term Dean’s Honours List (TDHL)

To be eligible students must have completed a term of an Honours program with an overall average for the completed term of at least 80.0%, have carried a full course load, as noted in the relevant program section, and not have a DNW, INC, IP, NCR, NMR, UR, WF, or failing grade. With the exception of Science and Aviation plans, the full course load minimum threshold for TDHL is 2.5 units, exclusive of courses with a 0.25 unit weight. Only one AEG grade can count towards the Dean's Honours List (see Grading System for full description of grades). Students should direct eligibility questions to the Science Undergraduate Office.

This award will be noted on the student's transcript.

Graduating Dean’s Honours List

Students graduating with a cumulative overall average of 80.0% or better in an Honours program will graduate on the Dean's Honours List. This award will be noted on the student's transcript and diploma.


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