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Co-operative Program Evaluation
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Students in Honours co-operative programs will be evaluated by the following rules, modified where necessary to suit their special needs. In particular:

  1. Students are expected to follow the work-term sequence specific to their academic plan from the point of entry, subject to the minimum requirements for graduation within their program. Successful completion of four related work terms and four satisfactory work reports (or equivalent) is normally required. PD 11 counts as one of the work-term reports.
  2. Students in co-operative programs in the Faculty of Science are required to successfully complete four Professional Development (PD) courses offered by the Waterloo Professional Development Program (WatPD) to qualify for a co-op degree. With the exception of PD1, students are expected to take these courses while on their co-op work terms. The Associate Dean of Science, Co-operative Education, will grant exceptions only under special circumstances. To maintain good standing in the co-op program, students must meet the following milestones:

    • PD 1 (Career Fundamentals) must be completed before the beginning of the first work term.
    • PD 11 (Processes for Technical Report Writing) must be completed before the beginning of the second work term.
    • One of the remaining PD electives must be completed by the end of the third work term.
    • Another one of the remaining PD electives must be completed by the end of the last work term.

    Students missing their first PD milestone will be automatically placed on co-op probation. Students on probation will be given a warning that they are missing their first milestone. Students missing two (or more) milestones will normally be removed from co-op.
  3. Normally students may take a maximum of two upper-year terms on a part-time or reduced course basis and must have special permission from their department to do so. Students must maintain a full-time load in an academic term preceding a work term.
  4. Students not meeting requirements of their program will be transferred to another Science academic program (regular system) in Satisfactory or better standing, if possible.


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