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Application for Readmission and Transfer Students
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The admission categories, requirements, and procedures are outlined in the Admissions section of this Calendar.

Transfer Students

Students may be accepted for transfer from other Faculties in the University or from other universities. Transfer credit will be evaluated in terms of the number of units allowed and the number remaining for a degree. Normally transfer students will be required to complete at least half of their course work while registered in the Faculty of Science.

A maximum of 10.0 lecture units may be transferred for all Honours programs, except Science and Aviation (see below). Lab units may be transferred beyond the 10.0 unit maximum. For the Three-Year General program, a maximum of 7.5 units (any combination of lecture and lab units, with no more than 1.0 lab unit) may be transferred.

University of Waterloo students applying for internal transfer to the Faculty of Science will receive transfer credit for all relevant science or math courses taken at the University in which a minimum grade of 50% was attained. Consideration for transfer credit for non-Science courses will be given for courses completed with a minimum grade of 60%. Transfer credit will be considered for all relevant courses taken at another university in which a minimum of 60% was attained.  

Only 5.0 transfer credit units are allowed for new students entering any Science co-operative program as well as Science and Aviation. Credits transferred to any Science program are not included in cumulative average calculations. Students applying to transfer to a co-operative program in the Faculty of Science will not normally be admitted above the 2B term level. Normally, we only consider transfer credits from prior institutions where the courses have been taken within the last ten years.

Students currently holding a Bachelor of Science degree will normally be considered for admission into post-degree studies only.

Application for Readmission

A student in good standing who does not register in any academic plan for more than a year must apply for readmission before returning to that academic plan. Deadlines for reapplication are July 1st for fall, November 1st for winter, and March 1st for spring terms.


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