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Academic Regulations Related to Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams

Rules for Test Conduct

Rules for Test Conduct
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Only students enrolled in a course are eligible to sit for a test; writing a test when not enrolled is a violation of test regulations, unless prior instructor approval has been obtained.

Students must present their University of Waterloo Student ID card at all tests. If students do not have this card, the instructor or proctor may accept another form of photo identification. If ID acceptable to the instructor or proctor is not provided, candidates must complete an Interim Identification Form (IIF) and sign each test booklet and/or answer card.

Only those items authorized for use in the test are to be on the examination desk. Bags, purses, knapsacks, and cases are to be closed and placed with any hats or caps under the desk or in a location directed by the instructor or proctor. Wireless or electronic devices that are capable of receiving, sending, and/or storing course-related information must be turned off and placed outside the reach of students.

There shall be no extension of time for students who are allowed to sit for tests after arriving late.

Students may, with the permission of the instructor or proctor, leave the examination room briefly, only if accompanied by an assigned proctor. During a test, it is a violation of test regulations to take electronic devices, capable of receiving, sending, and/or storing information, in and/or out of the test room.

At ten minutes before the conclusion of the test period, the instructor or proctor shall announce the time remaining (for tests longer than 50 minutes, one additional time announcement may be helpful). Candidates may not leave their seats in the test room after this time, until all papers have been collected.

At the conclusion of the test, all candidates shall cease writing and proctors shall collect the test materials. Failure to cease writing at this time is considered a violation of test regulations.

If candidates provide or obtain assistance from another candidate, or have unauthorized aids during tests, such individuals will be liable to disciplinary action.

If an instructor, proctor, or presiding officer – a designated person responsible for overseeing the test – has reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of academic regulations has occurred, that person shall collect all of the evidence available and has the authority regarding students to:

  • remove anything on the desk not authorized for use in the test and keep it until those students have completed and handed in the test materials, as required.
  • look into knapsacks, bags, purses, pencil cases, etc.; remove any "evidence" (this to be done in the presence of students and another proctor); and return the knapsack, bag, purse, pencil case, etc., to under the desk.
    Note: If students require a copy of such evidence, a copy is to be provided with the original to be retained by the presiding officer or proctor.
  • require students to move to a seat where the presiding officer or proctor can more easily monitor them.
  • ask students to adduce "evidence" where the presiding officer or proctor believes that students have hidden it on their person.
    Note: If students refuse, under no circumstances should the alleged offenders be touched.
  • remove answer book(s) and replace them with new ones.
In all cases, students are to be allowed to finish writing the test. As soon as possible following the conclusion of the test, the presiding officer or proctor is expected to: make a note of the time and details (e.g., refusal to cooperate); explain to alleged offenders that the status of their paper is in question; identify the paper and set it aside; inform the course instructor of the circumstances, and turn over all of the evidence available. In the event that the instructor is not available, the presiding officer or proctor will inform the student's appropriate Associate Dean.


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