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Academic Regulations Related to Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams


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Academic regulations related to assignments, tests, and final exams are as indicated below. This information is available as a PDF in the PDF Files section of this Calendar. These regulations are Senate approved and apply except where Senate grants specific exemptions.

Academic Regulations Related to Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams

The following regulations are intended to provide transparency to instructors, students, and proctors regarding expectations and conduct for graded course elements. These regulations support academic integrity by clarifying expectations and procedures. Assignments refer to assessments that are intended to provide opportunities for students to implement or apply concepts, skills, and/or judgments taught in a course over an extended period of time usually outside of the class meeting times. Tests are assessments of knowledge, skills, and/or judgment in a controlled environment; examinations are tests that are scheduled during the University's final examination period.

The Formal Lecture Period
The Final Examination Period
Study Days
Guidelines on Tests during the Formal Lecture Period
Rules for Test Conduct
Additional Rules for Final Examinations
Accommodations Due to Final Examination Schedule Conflicts
Student Access to Final Examination Papers


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