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Mathematics/Business Administration

Degree Requirements
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Students in this plan must fulfill all the requirements in Table I and Table II. This must include at least 21 math courses, and the following specific requirements:

One of

MATH 237 Calculus 3 for Honours Mathematics
MATH 247 Calculus 3 (Advanced Level)

One of

CO 250 Introduction to Optimization
CO 255 Introduction to Optimization (Advanced Level)

All of

ACTSC 371 Introduction to Investments
ACTSC 372 Corporate Finance 
AMATH 350 Differential Equations for Business and Economics
CO 370 Deterministic OR Models
CS 330 Management Information Systems
CS 338 Computer Applications in Business: Databases
STAT 371 Applied Linear Models and Process Improvement for Business
STAT 372 Survey Sampling and Experimental Design Techniques for Business

Two additional math courses.

All of

AFM 102 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
BUS 111W Understanding the Business Environment (see Laurier calendar)
BUS 121W Functional Areas of the Organization (see Laurier calendar)
BUS 352W Introduction to Marketing Management (see Laurier calendar)
BUS 481W Business Policy I (see Laurier calendar)
COMM 231 Commercial and Business Law for Mathematics Students
ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 102 Introduction to Macroeconomics
HRM 200 Basic Human Resources Management

One of

AFM 101 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS 227W Introduction to Financial Accounting (see Laurier calendar)

One of

MSCI 211 Organizational Behaviour
PSYCH 238 Organizational Psychology

One additional 300- or 400- level COMM course.

One additional 300- or 400- level BUS or COMM course.

One additional course (0.5 unit) chosen from

ARBUS 202/PHIL 215 Professional and Business Ethics
COMM 400 Entrepreneurship, Technology and the Emerging Information Economy
LS 271/PACS 202 Conflict Resolution
LS 319/PACS 323 Negotiation: Theories and Strategies
PSYCH 339 Personnel Psychology
Any AFM, BUS (see Laurier calendar), COMM, ECON, HRM, MSCI, PSCI, or STV course

Three additional courses (1.5 units).


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