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Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy (co-op only)

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The Faculty of Mathematics, in co-operation with the School of Accounting and Finance, offers the Honours Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA) plan which combines mathematics with accounting and business-related disciplines.

In addition to providing excellent background preparation for careers in industry, this plan can lead to post-graduate studies in business-oriented disciplines. In particular, the Mathematics/CPA plan is specifically designed to be a prelude to Waterloo's two-term Master of Accounting (MAcc) graduate degree plan in the Faculty of Arts.

The Honours Mathematics/CPA plan provides an opportunity for studies in areas of mathematics including Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Optimization, and Statistics combined with an extensive professionally-oriented sequence of accounting courses. Graduates are well prepared to play a leading role in the increasingly important development and utilization of computer-based accounting information systems, the analysis of the information provided by such systems and the subsequent decision-making processes, and allocation of resources so crucial to an organization's success in the modern business world.

This plan involves four co-op work terms, the first of which occurs in the winter term immediately following the fall 2A academic term (see Study/Work Sequence). Students are exempted from paying co-op fees for their 1A and 1B terms.


Students normally apply for direct admission from high school into the first year of the Mathematics/CPA plan. Upon successful completion of a provisional first year, students will formally proceed into the Mathematics/CPA plan in second year. Successful completion of the provisional year requires all of the following:

Mathematics/CPA is a restricted-enrolment plan, and admission into the plan for students not currently enrolled in the provisional year is not normally granted.


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