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Human-Computer Interaction Option
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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is concerned with the study of how people interact with computers and computational systems, as well as, the design and implementation of such systems. The HCI Option is available for the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) and Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science (BMath) plans. The course requirements are the same as for the BCS or BMath with the following additional requirements:

All of
CS 349 User Interfaces
CS 449 Human-Computer Interaction
CS 492 The Social Implications of Computing
Two of
CS 445/ECE 451 Software Requirements Specification and Analysis
CS 446/ECE 452 Software Design and Architectures
CS 447/ECE 453 Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance
CS 454 Distributed Systems
CS 458 Computer Security and Privacy
CS 484 Computational Vision
CS 485 Machine Learning: Statistical and Computational Foundation
CS 488 Introduction to Computer Graphics

Two of
ENGL 108D Digital Lives
ENGL 293 Introduction to Digital Media Studies
ENGL 295 Social Media
FINE 150 Appreciation and Expression
FINE 257 Video, New Media & the Digital Turn
INTEG 251 Creative Thinking
KIN 320 Task Analysis
PSYCH 207 Cognitive Processes
PSYCH 261 Physiological Psychology
STAT 332 Sampling and Experimental Design
STAT 430 Experimental Design


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