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Computer Science


Digital Hardware Option
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Students must apply for entry during 1A and have a cumulative average of 75% or higher. Enrolment in this plan is limited. Graduates of this option do not qualify for the professional engineering designation.

The "Digital Hardware Option" is available for both the Bachelor of Computer Science and the Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science). In each case, the requirements are the same except that ECE 222 replaces CS 251 and the following additional constraints apply to course selection:

Two of

CS 452 Real-Time Programming
CS 454 Distributed Systems
CS 456 Computer Networks
CS 457 System Performance Evaluation

One of

ECE 224 Embedded Microprocessor Systems
MTE 325 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing for Mechatronics Engineering

One of

ECE 429 Computer Architecture
CS 450 Computer Architecture
Note: Students taking ECE 429 instead of CS 450 will count this as 0.5 math units in the range CS 440-498, and not 0.5 non-math units.

One of

GENE 123 Electrical Circuits and Instrumentation
MTE 120 Circuits

All of

ECE 124 Digital Circuits and Systems
ECE 327 Digital Hardware Systems
ECE 423 Embedded Computer Systems

Recommended courses

ECE 455 Embedded Software
PHYS 121 Mechanics


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