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Computer Science


Computing Technology Option
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A Computing Technology option is available to all students, except those enrolled in Software Engineering, Computing and Financial Management, and other plans involving Computer Science. Certain plans already including substantial computer science content may also be excluded. See the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Mathematics Academic Plan Combinations page for more details about excluded plans.

One of
CS 115 Introduction to Computer Science 1
CS 135 Designing Functional Programs
CS 145 Designing Functional Programs (Advanced Level)
One of
CS 116 Introduction to Computer Science 2
CS 136 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction
CS 146 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction (Advanced Level)
One additional CS course from CS 100-146, CS 200-299, CS 300-398, CS 400-498.

Four additional courses from CS 200-299, CS 300-398, CS 400-498, COMM 432

One additional course from CS 300-398, CS 400-498

The average of all CS courses on the student’s record (including repeated courses) must be at least 60%.


  1. Most courses in the range CS 240-299, CS 340-398, CS 440-498 are only available to CS majors, so upper-year CS courses taken toward this option will usually be in the range CS 200-239, CS 300-339, CS 400-439.  
  2. A common route into upper-year CS courses is to take all of CS 115, CS 116 and CS 136. All three of these courses may count toward this option.
  3. Students cannot obtain both the CS minor and the Computing Technology option.


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