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Computer Science


Computational Fine Arts Option
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This option is available for the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) and Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) (Computer Science) plans. The Computational Fine Art Option gives Computer Science students an opportunity to develop creativity and critical thinking, ultimately applying their computer science skills to create works of art. These works might, for example, explore new ways to visualize high dimensional data, develop non-photorealistic rendering, or simply create new computer-mediated experiences. The option provides a basic foundation in art studio practice, art history, and art theory to prepare students for focused studio courses combining computers and art. The option culminates in a specially designed studio course (CS 383/FINE 383) taken together with Fine Arts students who have a foundation in computer programming. The course requirements are the same as for the BCS or BMath (Computer Science) with the following additional requirements:

All of
CS 349 User Interfaces
CS 488 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS 383/FINE 383 Computational Digital Art Studio
FINE 100 Studio Fundamentals
FINE 101/VCULT 101 Art History and Visual Culture
FINE 229/GBDA 229 Hybrid Digital Media
FINE 257 Video, New Media & the Digital Turn


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