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Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics Minor
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This minor is only available to students within the Faculty of Mathematics.

One of

AMATH 242/CS 371 Introduction to Computational Mathematics
CS 370 Numerical Computation

Three of

AMATH 342 Computational Methods for Differential Equations
CO 250 Introduction to Optimization
CS 245 Logic and Computation
CS 246 Object-Oriented Software Development
CS 475 Computational Linear Algebra
STAT 340 Computer Simulation of Complex Systems or STAT 341 Computational Statistics and Data Analysis

Three additional courses

AMATH 382/BIOL 382 Computational Modeling of Cellular Systems
AMATH 442 Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations
CO 353 Computational Discrete Optimization
CO 367 Nonlinear Optimization
CO 370 Deterministic OR Models
CO 372 Portfolio Optimization Models
CO 450 Combinatorial Optimization
CO 452 Integer Programming
CO 454 Scheduling
CO 456 Introduction to Game Theory
CO 485 The Mathematics of Public-Key Cryptography
CO 487 Applied Cryptography
CS 341 Algorithms
CS 466 Algorithm Design and Analysis
CS 476 Numerical Computation for Financial Modeling
CS 482 Computational Techniques in Biological Sequence Analysis
CS 487 Introduction to Symbolic Computation
PMATH 370 Chaos and Fractals
STAT 440 Computational Inference
STAT 441 Statistical Learning - Classification
STAT 442 Data Visualization
STAT 444 Statistical Learning - Function Estimation

At most three of these seven courses may also be used to satisfy an explicit choice list course requirement of the student’s major. For CS majors, at most three of the seven can have (or be cross-listed with courses having) a CS label.


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