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Computer Science

Business Administration & Computer Science Double Degree

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Students can earn both a computer science and business degree in five years by enrolling in this double degree program. Students receive an Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)  from Waterloo and an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Wilfrid Laurier University (Laurier) and are invited to both universities' convocation ceremonies for graduation.
  • At the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, students gain an understanding of software, algorithms, programming, and their mathematical foundations.
  • At the School of Business and Economics, students develop an understanding of a variety of areas of business, such as brand communication, accounting, human resource management, marketing, and finance. Students can specialize in these and other areas to focus their studies.
Enrolment in this double-degree program is restricted and students are normally admitted for the fall term of their first year.

Students may apply to Waterloo, Laurier, or both. Students select their "home school" by accepting an admissions offer from one of the two universities. The home school provides most student support services, such as co-op, scholarships, and housing. The choice of home school also identifies the university from which students receive the co-op designation on their degree. Students usually cannot change their home school without leaving the double degree program.

The double degree program cannot be combined with any other major, minor, or option except as described in the notes below. The program requires the following:
  • Nine or more full-time academic study terms.
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 52 one-term courses (26 units). Students take 24 specified courses (12 units) at Waterloo and 24 specified courses (12 units) at Laurier, and four elective courses (two units), which may be taken at either university.
  • Students whose home school is Waterloo: Completion of four or five co-op work terms intermixed with study terms. The first work term occurs during the spring term of Year One. The co-op sequence for these students is listed in the Study/Work Sequence section of this Calendar. Students in this program will be required to pay six co-op fees, which are usually assessed in the first three years of study.
  • Students whose home school is Laurier: Completion of three or four co-op work terms intermixed with study terms. The first work term occurs during the winter term of Year Two. After this term, Laurier and Waterloo  students have co-op terms at the same time.
Students can only change their co-op term sequences in their first three years if they have especially mitigating circumstances, and with the approval of both universities. This type of change may delay graduation.

All double degree students must follow the policies, procedures, regulations, and requirements of both Waterloo and Laurier in regards to course selection, academic performance, and academic conduct. Students who fail to do so are normally Required to Withdraw from the double degree program. These students may be able to enrol in a (single degree) program at Laurier (BBA) or Waterloo (Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) or BCS) depending upon their individual circumstances. Such students may not be eligible to continue in co-op in their new plan.


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