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The Undergraduate Calendar

Global Experience Certificate

Language Requirements

Language Requirements
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CHINA 101R First-Year Chinese 1
CHINA 102R First-Year Chinese 2
CROAT 101 Elementary Croatian I
CROAT 102 Elementary Croatian II
DUTCH 101 First-Year Dutch
DUTCH 102 First-Year Dutch
FR 151 Basic French 1
FR 152 Basic French 2
FR 192A French Language 1: Module 1- An Intensive French Language course
FR 192B French Language 1: Module 2- An Intensive French Language course
GER 101 Elementary German I
GER 102 Elementary German II
ITAL 101 Introduction to Italian Language 1
ITAL 102 Introduction to Italian Language 2
JAPAN 101R First-Year Japanese 1
JAPAN 102R First-Year Japanese 2
JAPAN 111R Japanese for Business 1 (Language skills required for business environment will be stressed)
JAPAN 112R Japanese for Business 2 (Language skills required for business environment will be stressed)
KOREA 101R First-Year Korean 1
KOREA 102R First-Year Korean 2
PORT 101 Introduction to Portuguese 1
PORT 102 Introduction to Portuguese 2
RUSS 101 Elementary Russian I
RUSS 102 Elementary Russian II
SI 101R Introduction to Arabic 1
SI 102R Introduction to Arabic 2
SPAN 101 Introduction to Spanish 1
SPAN 102 Introduction to Spanish 2


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