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Global Experience Certificate

Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements
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To encourage University of Waterloo students to become globally engaged learners, the University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain a Global Experience Certificate (GEC). A student in any term wishing to complete the certificate is required to complete an online Global Experience Certificate Plan outlining how they will complete the following three GEC components: 

  1. three for-credit courses (1.5 units) – see first bullet below
  2. an international experience (IE)
  3. cross-cultural volunteer experience (CCVE)

In addition to the three GEC components, students will be required to complete three online modules.

In order to obtain the certificate, students must successfully complete the following components during the undergraduate degree program:

  • successful completion of the Intercultural Awareness online module, with a written assignment following the module. This module must be completed during the first term in the GEC but before the International Experience (IE) or Cross-Cultural Volunteer Experience (CCVE).
  • successful completion of two first-year sequential language courses (other than students' native language) plus one course from the Global Studies Course Requirements list (with the approval of the Associate Vice-President International or designate, courses other than those on the approved list may be used to complete the course component of the certificate.)
  • an international experience – exchange, study abroad, co-op work term, internship/externship (outside co-op) or volunteer position outside Canada with a minimum duration of six consecutive weeks. Students will be required to complete the Learning Through Experience online module prior to the international experience and submit a written assignment after the international experience.
  • a volunteer experience in a cross-cultural context, with a minimum duration of 20 hours, while the applicant is registered at Waterloo as a full-time or part-time student.
  • upon completion of the three for-credit courses (1.5 units), International Experience (IE), and Cross-Cultural Volunteer Experience (CCVE), students will be required to complete the Thinking Back and Looking Forward online module and provide a reflective report on their learning.

All work must be deemed acceptable by Waterloo International evaluators in order for students to pass each component.

Language courses and Global Studies Courses can be completed prior to submission of the GEC application however, the international experience and the cross-cultural volunteer experience cannot have been completed prior to the submission of the GEC application.

Once the GEC application has been completed, it must be submitted to the Associate Vice-President International or designate for approval. Successful completion of the certificate requirements will result in the awarding of a Global Experience Certificate. The Global Experience Certificate will be coordinated by Waterloo International. Students are responsible for notifying Waterloo International of any changes to the plan.

Academic discipline is handled by the Associate Vice-President International or designate in consultation with the Associate Dean for the student's home faculty. A discipline decision is appealable under Policy 72 - Student Appeals provided that grounds for appeal can be established.

A non-refundable $100 withdrawal fee applies for students who cancel their participation in the Global Experience Certificate or fail to complete the GEC components upon graduation.

For more information on the Global Experience Certificate, please visit Waterloo International



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