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International Development

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

International Development Minor
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The International Development Minor is open to all University of Waterloo undergraduate degree students.

The requirements of the Minor are 5.0 units (ten courses) with a minimum overall cumulative average of 65% and the completion of the community service experience.

Required Courses:

Eight Courses: ERS 215, INDEV 100, INDEV 101INDEV 200, INDEV 300, GEOG 101, GEOG 203, and one of INDEV 302 or INDEV 308

Elective Courses: 

Two of: ERS 404GEOG 426GEOG 461, ERS 462/GEOG 462ERS 372

Community Service Experience Requirement

The International Development Minor requires the completion of a pre-approved community service experience or educational seminar focused on community development issues of at least three weeks duration in Canada or internationally. Pre-approval is required by the International Development Field Placement Coordinator (INDEV FPC). This requirement must be organized by the student with support from the INDEV FPC and is to be completed at the student's own expense. Co-op work terms that meet the above description will normally qualify for this requirement.


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