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International Development

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Honours International Development
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† INDEV 101 must be completed with a grade of 65% or higher. Please see the English Language Proficiency Requirement section for the Faculty of Environment if you fail to meet this requirement.

*The International Development capstone event is a mandatory component of INDEV 402. The event is scheduled during the last week of April and first week of May.

Year One

INDEV 100 Introduction to International Development
INDEV 101 Issues in International Development
ENVS 195 Introduction to Environmental Studies
GEOG 101 Geography and Human Habitat
PLAN 100 The Evolution of Planning
ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 102 Introduction to Macroeconomics
Three electives

Total 5.0 units

Year Two

INDEV 200 The Political Economy of Development
INDEV 202 Accounting for Development Organizations
INDEV 212 Problem-solving for Development
ENVS 105 Environmental Sustainability and Ethics
ENVS 178 Introduction to Environmental Research Methods
ENVS 278 Advanced Environmental Research Methods
ERS 215 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment I
Three electives

Total 5.0 units

Year Three

INDEV 300 Culture and Ethics
INDEV 302 Development Agents
INDEV 308 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
INDEV 387 Global Cities in Global Development
ENBUS 309 Applied Social Marketing
ERS 315 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment II
MSCI 211 Organizational Behaviour
Three electives

Total 5.0 units

Year Four

Practice Specialization

INDEV 304 Language Conversation for Development Field Work
INDEV 401 International Development Placement 1
INDEV 402* International Development Placement 2
INDEV 476 Contemporary Issues in Development Practice
Two elective

Total 5.0 units

Research Specialization

INDEV 404 International Development Theory
INDEV 475 Contemporary Development Issues
INDEV 490A Honours Thesis: Project Preparation
INDEV 490B Honours Thesis: Project Completion (1.0 unit)
Five electives

Total 5.0 units

Community Service Experience Requirement

The International Development, Research Specialization requires the completion of a pre-approved community service experience or educational seminar focused on community development issues of at least three weeks duration in Canada or internationally. Pre-approval is required by the International Development Field Placement Coordinator (INDEV FPC). This requirement must be organized by the student with support from the INDEV FPC and is to be completed at the student's own expense.

Recommended Electives:

FR 151 Basic French 1
FR 152 Basic French 2
ERS 462/GEOG 462 Global Food and Agricultural Politics
GEOG 102 Geography and Our Planetary Environment
GEOG 461 Food Systems and Sustainability
PHIL 328 Human Rights  
SPAN 101 Introduction to Spanish 1
SPAN 102 Introduction to Spanish 2


  1. Minimum Required Units
    Total: 20 units.
  2. Course Load
    No more than 2.5 units may be taken in a term without departmental approval.
  3. Average Requirements
    Students in the International Development Honours Regular Academic Plan must maintain an overall cumulative average of at least 65% and a major cumulative average (all required courses) of at least 70%. All required courses must be passed. 
  4. Materials and Costs
    For INDEV 401 and INDEV 402, extra fees will be required to cover travel and subsistence costs related to international placement work. Statements on extra costs, where required, will be found in the Field Placement Guidelines.
  5. Restriction on number of First-Year Courses
    A student must have at least 13.5 units above the 100-level.
  6. Double Counting
    A course can be used to satisfy requirements for a maximum of two credentials. Double counting of courses applies as follows: once for the plan and once for a joint honours or concurrent degree, option, minor, diploma, or specialization. There is no limit on the number of courses that may be double counted unless otherwise stated.
  7. Concurrent, Joint Honours, and Minor Plans
    International Development (INDEV) does not offer a Concurrent or Joint Honours plan for the Practice Specialization to students in other departments. However, INDEV students can participate in Concurrent and Joint Honours degrees offered by other departments. INDEV students pursuing a joint or concurrent degree are responsible for meeting all INDEV degree requirements as outlined in the calendar for their year of entry into the plan.
    An International Development minor and an International Development option are available to students in other departments. INDEV students can participate in minors and options offered by other departments. Satisfying minor and option requirements may require more than the normal number of academic terms. Available minors and options are listed under the respective faculty and department sections in this calendar.
  8. Transfer Students
    Transfer applicants with post-secondary background may be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) International Development program. Transfer students will only be admitted for fall term.
  9. Language Requirement
    Students demonstrating a functional capacity to operate in the language(s) of their field placement may substitute INDEV 304 with a course related to the history, politics, culture, or economics of the placement country or region. Department approval for this course is required.
    Students pursuing field placements in French or Spanish-speaking countries are required to develop or demonstrate at least intermediate-level French or Spanish by fourth year. Students with little or no Spanish or French are advised to begin language preparation in first year. Students pursuing field placements in English-speaking countries will receive training in one of the local languages as part of their in-country orientation.
  10. Field Placement Guidelines
    To be eligible for field placement, INDEV students must meet the following academic requirements:
    • Maintain good academic standing which is defined as a minimum 70% cumulative major average and a minimum 65% cumulative overall average. A student must be in good academic standing after their 3B term in order to be eligible to continue into the 4A pre-departure term and participate in the International Field Placement;
    • Successfully complete all required core academic coursework up to and including core courses taken in the 3B term.

    Students must pass a medical exam and be deemed medically fit for placement by their family doctor(s) or other qualified medical practitioners in accordance with requirements of the placement provider. Normally, this exam will take place in the term prior to pre-departure. Students must meet all other requirements as determined by the placement provider. Medical documentation or facsimiles will not be retained by the University of Waterloo.

    Field placement costs are the responsibility of the student and are subject to change without notice. Refunds must be negotiated directly with the placement provider and are subject to their rules and regulations (see note 4).

    Students will not be allowed to take more than a 1.5 unit course load per term (INDEV 401 fall; INDEV 402 winter), while on field placement, without approval by the Director of the International Development program.


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