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School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Environment, Resources and Sustainability Joint Honours
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Students from other plans choosing a joint honours plan with Environment, Resources and Sustainability as the second major must complete the following required 18 courses (9.0 units) with a 70% cumulative overall average.


*Students may substitute their home department’s equivalent senior honours essay or thesis or senior seminar for ERS 403A/B.


ERS 100, ERS 101, ERS 102, ERS 201, ERS 202, ERS 215, ERS 300, ERS 301, ERS 400, ERS 401, ENVS 178, ENVS 195, ENVS 200

One of the following two options:

Option one:
ERS 402 plus one ERS course at either the 300- or 400- level

Option two:
ERS 403A/ERS 403B*

Elective core courses

Three (1.5 units) ERS and/or ENVS labelled courses in addition to those required.


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