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English Language Proficiency Requirement
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The Faculty of Environment requires that all students have basic competency in English language communications – oral, written, and other media – in order to be successful in their university studies. First-year required courses have been identified in each program to provide the English language communication skills that are the foundation for successful completion of degree requirements. These courses are:

Environment and Business: ENVS 131
Environment, Resources and Sustainability: ERS 101
Geography and Environmental Management (all programs): ENGL 109 or ENGL 129R
International Development: INDEV 101
Knowledge Integration: INTEG 120
Planning: PLAN 102

To demonstrate competency in communications, students must achieve a grade of 65% or higher in the identified course for their program.

Students who do not achieve this grade must fulfil this requirement by the end of their 2B term in one of the following ways:

  • Repeating the course and achieving 65% or higher (see Environment Academic Standing section of the Calendar for more information on repeating courses).
  • Completing any of the above listed courses and achieving 65% or higher. Students may require the permission of the home department offering the course to enrol.


  1. A completed English Language Proficiency milestone on a student's academic record will indicate successful completion of this requirement.
  2. Students who have not completed the English Language Proficiency requirement by the end of second year will have their future registrations cancelled and will be allowed to proceed only after successful completion of this requirement.
  3. Specialized sessions are available through the Writing Centre and are open to all students. Students are also invited to visit the Writing Centre during drop-in hours for course work assistance. The Writing Centre does not charge students for its services.
  4. Transfer credits from an external institution cannot be used to satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement.
  5. Students transferring into the Faculty of Environment who have completed any of the above courses with the required grade of 65% will be granted the English Language Proficiency milestone.
  6. An English Language Proficiency milestone obtained while enrolled in another University of Waterloo faculty shall not satisfy this requirement.


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