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Department of Knowledge Integration

Bachelor of Knowledge Integration

Collaborative Design Specialization
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The Collaborative Design Specialization (CDS) offers students the opportunity to develop a concentration in design thinking, skills, and practices. It is intended for Knowledge Integration students who want to gain greater knowledge and experience with design and real-world problem solving, beyond their core Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (BKI) courses. The CDS consists of eight courses (4.0 units), split into two themes: Collaborative Design Thinking & Skills, and Collaborative Design Experience.

Collaborative Design Thinking & Skills courses

INTEG 120 Introduction to the Academy: Disciplines and Integrative Practices
INTEG 121 Introduction to the Academy: Design and Problem-Solving
INTEG 251 Creative Thinking

One additional design-themed course (of at least 0.5 credits) of the students choosing, to be approved by the Undergraduate Officer in Knowledge Integration.

Collaborative Design Experience courses

INTEG 320 The Museum Course: Research and Design
INTEG 321 The Museum Course: Practicum and Presentation

One of the following set of courses (for a total of at least 1.0 credit):

  • INTEG 452A and INTEG 452B (Real World Problem Solving A and B); or
  • an equivalent two-term group design project course, to be approved by the Undergraduate Officer in Knowledge Integration.


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