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Joint Honours Geomatics
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Many Honours plans may be combined within and between Faculties. However, before embarking on a Joint Honours plan, it is highly recommended that students consult with the Undergraduate Officer of both programs. Students must meet the requirements of both plans as stated in this Calendar and should be aware that combining some Honours plans may require more than the normal number of academic terms to complete.

Students choosing a joint honours plan with Geomatics as the second major must complete 5.5 units in Geography (GEOG), 2.0 units in Computer Science (CS), 0.5 unit in MATH, and 0.5 unit in Environmental Studies (ENVS).            

One of: 
GEOG 181 Principles of GIScience
GEOG 187 Problem Solving in Geomatics

All of:
GEOG 271 Earth from Space Using Remote Sensing
GEOG 281 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GEOG 310 Geodesy and Surveying
GEOG 371 Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques
GEOG 381 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 387 Spatial Databases
GEOG 471 Remote Sensing Project (1.0 unit)
GEOG 481 Geographic Information Systems Project (1.0 unit)
CS 234 Data Types and Structures
CS 338 Computer Applications in Business: Databases
ENVS 278 Advanced Environmental Research Methods 

One of:
CS 115 Introduction to Computer Science 1
CS 135 Designing Functional Programs                                                                           

One of:
CS 116 Introduction to Computer Science 2
CS 136 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction

One of:
MATH 106 Applied Linear Algebra 1
MATH 114 Linear Algebra for Science


  1. Admission to Joint Honours Academic Plans
    Admission to a Joint Honours Plan will occur no earlier than Year Two.
  2. Minimum Required Courses
    The total number of units required is 8.5.
  3. Average Requirements
    Students must achieve a cumulative average of 70% in Geography (GEOG) and Environmental Studies (ENVS) courses and a 60% in CS and MATH courses.
  4. Other courses from your home plan, equivalent to required CS, MATH or ENVS courses, may substitute for the Joint Geomatics Plan. Students must meet with the Geomatics plan advisor to review.


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