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Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation


ERS 335 must be completed before ENVS 469


The Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation is available to all undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. To be awarded the Diploma, students must complete the complement of courses listed below with an overall average of 70%. Students achieving an overall average of 80% in the six required and elective courses will be awarded a Diploma with Distinction.

Required Courses

Two courses: ERS 335, ENVS 469

Elective Courses

Four of: BIOL 351, BIOL 354, BIOL 457, BIOL 470, ENVS 444/REC 437, ERS 234, ERS 283, ERS 340, ERS 341, ERS 382, ERS 383/BIOL 383, ERS 484/GEOG 404, GEOG 368/PLAN 341, GEOG 381/PLAN 381, GEOG 387/PLAN 387GEOG 405PLAN 340

Diploma in Environmental Assessment

The Diploma in Environmental Assessment is available to all University of Waterloo students.

The requirements for the successful completion of this diploma are five courses (three core and two elective), with a minimum overall cumulative average of 65%.

Required Courses

Three courses: ERS 215, ERS 315, ERS 415

Elective Courses

Two additional courses must be taken. They must be selected from any two of the following four lists (no two courses can be from the same list):

List A:

Courses that study the biophysical environment:

BIOL 351, BIOL 354, BIOL 447, BIOL 490BIOL 498, EARTH 342, EARTH 358EARTH 458ERS 383/BIOL 383, GEOG 405, HLTH 340

List B:

Skills courses on modeling, surveying, and other information gathering and analysis:

BIOL 470EARTH 456, ENBUS 308, ENVE 573, ENVS 278, ENVS 444/REC 437, ERS 375, ERS 382GEOG 281/PLAN 281, GEOG 319/PLAN 320SDS 311R

List C:

Courses on related approaches to planning, analysis, and problem solving:

BIOL 455, CIVE 230, ECON 357ENVE 391, ENVS 201, ENVS 220ERS 335, ERS 372, GEOG 356, PACS 202, PACS 313, PACS 323, PLAN 471

List D:

Courses that involve material useful for case application of environmental assessment and related approaches to planning analysis, and problem solving:

ENVE 577, ENVS 401, ERS 317, ERS 404/PSCI 432, ERS 461/GEOG 461, ERS 462/GEOG 462/PSCI 488, ERS 484/GEOG 404, GEOG 368/PLAN 341, GEOG 391GEOG 407, GEOG 459, PLAN 340, PLAN 432/GEOG 432/HLTH 420, PLAN 440


Many of the courses listed have prerequisites. Students are advised to check course descriptions for details.

Diploma of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems

The Diploma of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems is available to any student who completes the courses below and satisfies the minimum grade requirement. Students must attain a minimum overall average of 80% for the five courses required for the Diploma.

Required Courses

GEOG 281/PLAN 281, GEOG 381/PLAN 381, GEOG 387/PLAN 387, GEOG 481/PLAN 481, GEOG 487/PLAN 487


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