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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Faculty Options

Option in Water Resources
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This Option is for students interested in the development, management, and protection of water resources. Students are prepared for careers with consulting firms or regulatory agencies. They acquire the background to design and evaluate hydraulic structures, pollution control schemes, and water management systems. They are also exposed to the social and environmental aspects of use of water resources. A minimum of seven courses is required; however, most students in Civil Engineering will probably wish to take more.


F - fall term, W - winter term, S - spring term

Required Courses

There are four required courses: 

Course Title
CIVE 280 (S) Fluid Mechanics (or equivalent)
CIVE 375 (W) Environmental Engineering Principles
CIVE 381 (F,W) Hydraulics
CIVE 486 (F,S) Hydrology

Elective Courses

A minimum of three elective courses is required to be taken from the following list, subject to timetable constraints:

Surface Water

Course Title
CIVE 583 (W) Design of Urban Water Systems
ENVE 573 (W) Contaminant Transport


Course Title
CHE 361(F,W) Bioprocess Engineering
CHE 574 (W) Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
CIVE 572 (S) Wastewater Treatment


Course Title
EARTH 458 (F,S) Physical Hydrogeology
EARTH 459 (W) Chemical Hydrogeology


Course Title
ENVE 335 (W) Decision Making for Environmental Engineers
ENVE 577 (W) Engineering for Solid Waste Management
SYDE 533 (F) Conflict Resolution


Course Title
ME 559 (F,S) Finite Element Methods
SYDE 311 (S) Advanced Engineering Math 2 (not available to Civil Engineering students)
SYDE 312 (W) Applied Linear Algebra
SYDE 531 (W) Design Optimization Under Probabilistic Uncertainty

Remote Sensing

Course Title
GEOG 371 Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques
GEOG 471 (W) Remote Sensing Project

Air Pollution

Course Title
CHE 572 (W) Air Pollution Control
ME 571 (W) Air Pollution


Course Title
ME 362 (F,W) Fluid Mechanics 2
ME 566 (F,S) Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineering Design

Other courses may be substituted with permission of the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and the Option Co-ordinator. Course offerings are subject to change; check with the appropriate department to ensure course availability.


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