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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Faculty Options

Option in Statistics
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The aim of the Statistics Option is to provide the student with a broad background in applied statistics, especially in the areas of multiple regression, quality control, experimental design, and applied probability.

There are four required courses:

Course Title and Notes
STAT 231 Statistics (or equivalent, e.g., CHE 220, CIVE 224, ENVE 224, ME 202, MTE 201, SYDE 212)
STAT 331 Applied Linear Models (or equivalent, e.g., SYDE 334)
STAT 332 Sampling and Experimental Design
STAT 435 Statistical Methods for Process Improvements

A student must take three additional courses from those listed below:  


Course Title and Notes
CHE 420 Introduction to Process Control
CHE 425 Strategies for Process Improvement and Product Development 
CHE 522 Advanced Process Dynamics and Control
CHE 524 Process Control Laboratory
CIVE 343 Traffic Engineering
CIVE 375 Environmental Engineering Principles
CIVE 440 Transit Planning and Operations
CIVE 444 Urban Transport Planning
CIVE 486 Hydrology
ENVE 573 Contaminant Transport
ME 340 Manufacturing Processes
MSCI 431 Stochastic Models and Methods
SYDE 531
Design Optimization Under Probabilistic Uncertainty
MSCI 432 Production and Service Operations Management
MSCI 452 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
STAT 230 Probability (or equivalent)
STAT 333 Applied Probability
STAT 430 Experimental Design
STAT 431 Generalized Linear Models and their Applications
STAT 433 Stochastic Processes
STAT 443 Forecasting
SYDE 372 Introduction to Pattern Recognition
SYDE 533 Conflict Resolution

For further information contact the option co-ordinator.


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