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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

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Option in Mechatronics
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The study of Mechatronics examines engineering systems that link and integrate the classical fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering. This option is primarily intended for students in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Systems Design Engineering. It is offered in response to the growing and increasingly visible demands from industry and governments for graduates who can design products and processes that incorporate interdisciplinary skills in mechanical systems, electrical systems and computer systems.

Option Structure and Course Requirements

The Option is defined in terms of three levels of courses. Level one courses are a normal part of the student's program (i.e., Computer Engineering) and provide a basic background for the option. These courses are listed in Table one for each program.

The level two courses are the four courses that are considered core courses for the option. For each student, some of these are part of their program (i.e., Mechanical Engineering) while others are required as extra courses. It is expected that students will have to shift a Complementary Studies Elective (CSE) or one or more of their normal technical courses in order to complete the level two requirements. These courses are summarized in table two.

The third set of courses is the level three courses, which represent elective courses in the different subject areas of the option. The students must take at least one course from each of the five groups presented in table three. 

Students are encouraged to see the option co-ordinator if they have difficulty enrolling in a course.

Table 1. Level 1 Courses (fundamental) in the Mechatronics Option

Computer Engineering and
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Design Engineering
ECE 106 and ECE 140 GENE 123 SYDE 283
ECE 150 ME 101 SYDE 121
ECE 222 ME 262 SYDE 192
MATH 211 or ECE 205 or MATH 215 ME 303 SYDE 411
ECE 380 ME 360 SYDE 352
ECE 316 ME 202 SYDE 212
ECE 403/PHYS 358 ME 250 SYDE 381

Table 2. Level 2 Courses (core) in the Mechatronics Option

According to their program, students taking the Mechatronics Option must take the following four courses.

Computer Engineering and
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Design
ECE 240 ECE 240 or SYDE 292 SYDE 292
ME 321 ME 321 ME 321
ECE 224 ECE 224 or MTE 325 ECE 224 or MTE 325
ECE 361 ME 269 ECE 361 or ME 269

Table 3. Level 3 Courses (electives) for the Mechatronics Option

Students must take one course from each of the Group Topics given here.

Group Topic Courses
Actuators and Sensors ECE 463, ME 561
Computer Systems/Software ECE 250, ECE 254, ECE 356, (ECE 454 or ECE 455), ECE 458, ECE 459, SYDE 322SYDE 372SYDE 475/SYDE 575, or MTE 140
Control Systems ECE 481, ECE 484MTE 460 
Robotics and Automation ECE 457A, ECE 457B, ECE 486, ME 547, SYDE 422/SYDE 522, SYDE 558
Mechanical Systems ME 322, ME 524, SYDE 553

Mechatronics Design Project

Each student in the Option must undertake a two-term design project/workshop (ME 481 and ME 482, or ECE 498A and ECE 498B, or SYDE 461 and SYDE 462) with a Mechatronics theme which must be approved by the Faculty Mechatronics co-ordinator. Students must meet the project/workshop requirements of their home department.


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