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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Faculty Options

Option in Environmental Engineering
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This Option is for students who wish to pursue their education with an emphasis on environmental concerns, assessment of the environmental impact of new or existing products or processes, methods for solving problems resulting from pollution in the air, water, or earth, and on the management of energy and resources in order to minimize pollution in the environment. This is a Faculty option, but it will be of special interest to students in Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, and Systems Design Engineering, and includes course material related to all these disciplines. The Environmental Engineering Option is not available to Environmental Engineering students.

The Option consists of a set of seven courses chosen from four theme areas, as described below. Substitution of equivalent courses, if applicable, requires the approval of the option co-ordinator.

The courses are:

List A

Environmental Issues and Management: May count towards Complementary Studies Elective (CSE) requirements (check with CSE lists and your program requirements). Take two from

ENVE 391 Law and Ethics for Environmental Engineers
ERS 215 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment I
ERS 270 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
ERS 315 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment II
ERS 370 Corporate Sustainability:  Issues and Prospects
ERS 372 First Nations and the Environment
ERS 404 Global Environmental Governance

List B

Environmental Chemistry and Biology: take at least 1

BIOL 150 Organismal and Evolutionary Ecology
BIOL 240
Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOL 354 Environmental Toxicology 1
BIOL 383 Tropical Ecosystems
EARTH 221 Geochemistry 1
ENVE 275 Environmental Chemistry
ENVS 200 Field Ecology
HLTH 420 Health, Environment, and Planning

List C

Environmental and Energy Processes: take at least 2

Course Title
CHE 571     Industrial Ecology
CHE 572 Air Pollution Control
CHE 574 Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control
ENVE 375 Physico-Chemical Processes (or CIVE 375)
ENVE 472 Wastewater Treatment (or CIVE 572)
ENVE 577 Engineering for Solid Waste Management
ME 452 Energy Transfer in Buildings
ME 459 Energy Conversion

List D

Transport, Modelling, and Decision Analysis: take at least 1

CIVE 230 Engineering and Sustainable Development
EARTH 456 Numerical Methods in Hydrogeology 
EARTH 458 Physical Hydrogeology
ENVE 335 Decision Making for Environmental Engineers
ENVE 573 Contaminant Transport
ME 571 Air Pollution
MSCI 452 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
SYDE 332 Societal and Environmental Systems
SYDE 533 Conflict Resolution

Plus one additional course from list B, C, or D above, to total seven courses.


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