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Option in Biomechanics
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Engineers are playing an increasingly important role in the solving of health care problems, including those related to embryo development, ergonomics, medical imaging and prosthesis design. The purpose of the Option in Biomechanics is to allow students to explore this dynamic, interdisciplinary field. The Option is available to all Engineering students. It is designed to provide an introduction to such topics as growth, form and function; human anatomy and physiology; biomaterials; joint tribology; medical imaging, orthopaedic surgery and medical robotics; medical instrumentation; prosthetic devices and joint replacement implants; occupational biomechanics and ergonomics.

The Option consists of seven courses selected from specified lists. At least one course must be taken as an “extra.” An extra can be a course taken during a work term. Individual department requirements must be satisfied and thus the precise number of courses that need to be taken as extras (normally DRNA - see Rules for description) may vary by program of registration. Contact the Associate Chair, Program Co-ordinator or Director for the program in question for information regarding the number of extras as well as any other restrictions that may apply.


F - fall term; W - winter term; S - spring term

Option Requirements  

To satisfy the option, students must successfully complete:

  • one required course:

    Course Title
    CIVE 460/ME 598

    Engineering Biomechanics/Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering (W)

  • plus one course from each of Lists A, B, C, and D:

    List A - Anatomy and Physiology:

    List A is to be taken by the end of the student's 3B term.

    Course  Title 
    BIOL 273 Principles of Human Physiology 1 (W, S) and a limited number of spaces may be available online (F,W,S)
    BIOL 301 Human Anatomy (W)
    KIN 100 Human Anatomy: Limbs and Trunk (W)
    SYDE 384   Biological and Human Systems (W)

    List B - Ergonomics:

    Key: * can count only towards list B or D but not both

    Course  Title
    KIN 121 Biomechanics of Human Activity (W)
    KIN 320 Task Analysis (F)
    KIN 420* Occupational Biomechanics (W)
    SYDE 162 Human Factors in Design (S)
    SYDE 348 User Centred Design Methods (W)
    SYDE 543 Cognitive Ergonomics (F)


    List C - Techniques of Biomechanics:

    Course  Title 
    CHE 420 Introduction to Process Control (F,S)
    CIVE 306 Mechanics of Solids 3 (F)
    CIVE 422 Finite Element Analysis (W)
    ECE 380 Analog Control Systems (W,S)
    ECE 486 Robot Dynamics and Control (S)
    ME 322 Mechanical Design 1 (F,W)
    ME 360 Introduction to Control Systems (F,W)
    ME 423 Mechanical Design 2 (F,S)
    ME 547 Robot Manipulators: Kinematics, Dynamics, Control (W)
    ME 555 Computer-Aided Design (W)
    ME 559 Finite Element Methods (F,S)
    ME 566 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineering Design (F,S)
    MTE 360 Automatic Control Systems (W)
    PHYS 395  Biophysics of Therapeutic Methods (W)
    SYDE 352  Introduction to Control Systems (W) 
    SYDE 372  Introduction to Pattern Recognition (W)
    SYDE 543 Cognitive Ergonomics (F) 
    SYDE 544  Biomedical Measurement and Signal Processing (W) 
    SYDE 553  Advanced Dynamics (F)
    SYDE 575  Image Processing (F) 

    List D - Kinesiology:

    Key: * can count only towards list B or D but not both

    Course  Title
    KIN 155 Introduction to Neuroscience for Kinesiology (F) 
    KIN 221 Advanced Biomechanics of Human Movement (W,S)
    KIN 242 Introduction to Movement Disorders (F)
    KIN 340 Muskuloskeletal Injuries in Work and Sport (F)
    KIN 356 Information Processing in Human Perceptual Motor Performance (W)
    KIN 416 Neuromuscular Integration (F)
    KIN 420* Occupational Biomechanics (W)
    KIN 422 Human Gait, Posture, and Balance: Pathological and Aging Considerations (F)
    KIN 425 Biomechanical Modelling of Human Movement (F)
    KIN 472 Directed Study in Special Topics (F,W,S)

  • plus a two-term project from List E

    List E - Project (see below):

    The project topic must be in the area of biomechanics, and students are encouraged to have their projects supervised or co-supervised by a faculty member outside of their home department.

    The courses listed above may have prerequisites, and it is the student’s responsibility to satisfy the requirements or otherwise obtain permission to enrol.

    Course  Title
    CHE 482/CHE 483 Chemical Engineering Design Workshop/Group Design Project (F,S/W)
    CIVE 400/CIVE 401 Civil Engineering Project 1/2 (S/W)
    ECE 498A/ECE 498B Engineering Design Project (S13/W14)
    ENVE 400/ENVE 401 Environmental Engineering Project 1/2 (F/W)
    GENE 401/GENE 402 Special Directed Studies (F,S/W)
    ME 481/ME 482 Mechanical Engineering Design Project/Mechanical Engineering Project (F,S/W)
    NE 408/NE 409 Nanosystems Design Project/ Nanosystems Design Project and Symposium (F/W)
    SYDE 461/SYDE 462 Systems Design Workshop 2/3 (F/W)


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