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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

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Option in International Studies in Engineering
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The International Studies in Engineering Option provides an enriched educational experience by focusing on the global nature of engineering. It provides a background in the engineering aspects of international trade and a wider appreciation of cultural diversity. It includes work abroad and/or study abroad to achieve a result that is not possible in the classroom alone. The Faculty option will normally require extra academic material on campus, in addition to the overseas experience of work and/or study. It will result in life-long benefits for those students inclined and able to seek enrichment in their education.

The Option consists of study terms and/or work terms at overseas locations, of at least eight months, together with academic requirements. To be accepted for the International Studies in Engineering Option, the complete package must be approved by the option co-ordinator.

Specific Requirements

There are three specific requirements for a student to complete the option:

  1. International Experience: An experience of at least eight months outside of Canada after the completion of term 2B. This may include study terms, work terms, or terms spent as an intern in an academic institution (such as a research laboratory in a university) or with a non-government agency (such as Engineers Without Borders) for a total of at least two terms abroad. 
  2. Academic Courses: Six courses approved by the option co-ordinator.
    • No more than three of the courses may be language skills courses.
    • Courses may be taken during normal academic terms, as online course through the University of Waterloo, or at overseas institutions while the student is on exchange or work term. Language courses given by such organizations as the Goethe Institute may also be included.
    • There is a list of approved University of Waterloo courses for the option available on the Engineering Exchange website. Most courses on the list are also approved as Complementary Studies electives. Deviation from the list may be approved by the option co-ordinator.
    • Typically, three of the courses should be completed before the international experience, and three afterwards however considerable flexibility in timing is allowed.
    • This course component of the option is waived for students who complete the Renison University College Certificate in East Asian Studies
  3. International Report: Enrolment in and completion of the requirements for GENE 303. This consists of a report to be written after completion of the international experience component of the option. The report may include, but is not restricted to one of the following: 
    • technical, non-technical, and professional aspects of the foreign residence experience
    • socio-economic aspects of life in the foreign country
    • a discussion which compares and contrasts conditions in the country or countries involved in the international experiences
    • a review or analysis of the social or political histories of those countries
    • trade and commercial relations with or among the country or countries involved

    In all cases, the report must include information addressed to the needs of other students considering a similar experience. A general guideline for the report is that it should not be shorter than a co-op work report.

    For further information regarding this option, contact the Faculty of Engineering Exchange Office.  


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