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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Mechatronics Engineering
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Mechatronics engineering is an integrated approach to the design of computer controlled electro-mechanical systems. Mechatronic applications are pervasive in our everyday lives, so much so that we often take them for granted. Familiar examples of mechatronic systems include automotive anti-lock braking systems (ABS), SLR cameras, and aerospace "fly-by-wire" systems. These mechatronic designs are much more than simply the addition of a microcontroller to an existing mechanical system – their complete and properly integrated redesign is what makes them successful. An integrated design philosophy has been incorporated into the development of this program.

In order to successfully combine mechanical design, computers, software, and electronics with an integrated design approach, the mechatronics engineer requires an understanding of a breadth of topics. The tools that make up the mechatronics engineer’s repertoire are drawn from many departments across the faculty: Mechanical, Electrical and Computer, and Systems Design Engineering. The result is a multidisciplinary program, which provides students with a unique set of skills.

The program is a rich blend of courses prepared and delivered specifically for Mechatronics Engineering students, designated with the MTE label, and courses selected from other engineering disciplines: Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Systems Design Engineering (SYDE). Mechatronics Engineering students thus benefit from a breadth of expertise.

Mechatronics Curriculum

The table below lists the courses and technical electives for the Mechatronics Engineering Program. In addition to the courses listed, a student is required to select technical elective and complementary studies courses as described below.

All students in the Faculty of Engineering are permitted to take an option (as described in Options, Specializations and Electives for Engineering Students of this section of the Calendar). Mechatronics Engineering students are not permitted to take the Mechatronics Option. In many cases earning an option will require a number of courses in addition to the core and elective structure given below.

The first students were admitted to the Mechatronics Engineering Program in the fall of 2003. 

The courses listed as MTE courses, although listed in this Calendar, will not be offered until the first students enrolled in the Mechatronics Engineering Program reach the level requiring these courses.

Academic Program

Glossary of descriptions for the next table:

Code Description
Cls Class
Tut  Tutorial 
Lab  Laboratory
Sem Seminar 
0-10 The hours are shown per week for the term for Class, Tutorial, and Laboratory. These hours are estimates; the actual sequencing of the hours is announced in the first few lectures each term. Courses labelled as Seminar are provided to facilitate various class and program oriented activities.
†  Four of the five complementary studies electives (CSEs) are to be chosen to include at least one from list A and at least two from list C in the lists that are part of the description of Complementary Studies in the introduction to the Faculty of Engineering section in the Calendar.
‡  The five technical electives are to be chosen from the list provided. In some cases it may be necessary to verify that you meet all of the prerequisites.
4  Indicates stream 4
8 Indicates stream 8X. Stream 8X requires students to complete one 8-month work term between 3B and 4A terms.

The Mechatronics Engineering Program for students entering Fall 2014 and later consists of the following course sequence:

Term Course and Title Class Tut Lab
1A Fall4,8            CHE 102 Chemistry for Engineers 3 0 2
GENE 121 Digital Computation 3 2
MATH 115 Linear Algebra for Engineering 3 0 2
MATH 116 Calculus 1 for Engineering 3 0 2
MTE 100 Mechatronics Engineering 3 2 4
1B Spring4 and
MATH 118 Calculus 2 For Engineering 3 2 0
MTE 100B Seminar 1 Sem 0 0
MTE 111 Structure and Properties of Materials 3 3 3
MTE 119 Statics 3 1 0
MTE 120 Circuits 4 2 1.5
MTE 140 Algorithms and Data Structures 3 1 1.5

2A Winter4 and Fall8

MTE 200A Seminar 1 Sem 0 0
MTE 201 Experimental Measurement and Statistical Analysis 3 1 1
MTE 202 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 1 0
MTE 219 Mechanics of Deformable Solids 3 1 0
MTE 262 Introduction to Microprocessors and Digital Logic 3 1 3
SYDE 182 Physics 2 (Dynamics) 3 1 0
CSE† Complementary Studies Elective 3 0 0

2B Fall4 and Spring8

MTE 200B Seminar 1 Sem 0 0
MTE 203 Advanced Calculus 3 1 1
MTE 204 Numerical Methods 1 1 0
MTE 220 Sensors and Instrumentation 3 1 3
MTE 241 Introduction to Computer Structures and Real-Time Systems 3 1 1.5
SYDE 252 Linear Systems and Signals 3 1 0
WKRPT 200 Work-term Report 0 0 0

3A Spring4 and Winter8

MTE 309 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 3 1 0
ME 321 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines 3 1 0
MTE 300A Seminar 1 Sem 0 0
MTE 320 Actuators and Power Electronics 3 1 2
MTE 325 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing for Mechatronics Engineering 3 1 1.5
SYDE 351 Systems Models 1 3 1 0
WKRPT 300 Work-term Report (Stream 4 only) 0 0 0

3B Winter4 and Fall8

ME 351 Fluid Mechanics 1 3 1 1
MTE 300B Seminar 1 Sem 0 0
MTE 322 Electromechanical Machine Design 3 1 2
MTE 360 Automatic Control Systems 3 1 1
MTE 380 Mechatronics Engineering Design Workshop 1 0 9
MSCI 261 Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers 3 1 0
CSE† Complementary Studies Elective 3 0 0
WKRPT 300 Work-term Report (Stream 8 only) 0 0

4A Fall4,8

ECE 484 Digital Control Applications 2 1 1.5
MTE 400A Seminar 1 Sem 0 0
MTE 481 Mechatronics Engineering Design Project 0 0 9
TE‡ Technical Elective 0 0 0
TE‡ Technical Elective 0 0 0
CSE† Complementary Studies Elective 3 0 0
WKRPT 400 Work-term Report 0 0 0

4B Winter4,8

MTE 400B Seminar 1 Sem 1 1
MTE 482 Mechatronics Engineering Project 0 0 9
TE‡ Technical Elective 0 0 0
TE‡ Technical Elective 0 0 0
TE‡ Technical Elective 0 0 0
CSE† Complementary Studies Elective 3 0 0

Technical Elective List

The five technical elective courses are to be chosen from the list below. Note that courses are available in only one of the fourth year terms. It is possible to exchange one of the fourth year CSEs with a TE and thus have three technical electives in 4A (and two CSEs in 4B) or to have four technical electives in 4B (and two CSEs in 4A).

Courses offered in the 4A (fall) term, choose two or three:

Course Title
ME 362 Fluid Mechanics 2
ME 436 Welding and Joining Processes
ME 459 Energy Conversion
ME 524 Advanced Dynamics and Vibrations or SYDE 553 Advanced Dynamics
ME 548 Numerical Control of Machine Tools 1
ME 559 Finite Element Methods
ME 561 Fluid Power Control Systems
MTE 420 Power Electronics and Motor Drives or ECE 463 Design and Applications of Power Electronic Converters (offered Spring)
MTE 460     Mechatronic System Integration
MTE 544 Autonomous Mobile Robots
MTE 545 Introduction to MEMS Fabrication
SYDE 533 Conflict Resolution
SYDE 543 Cognitive Ergonomics
SYDE 575 Image Processing

Courses offered in the 4B (Winter) term, choose two or three:

Course Title
ECE 327 Digital Hardware Systems
ECE 358 Computer Networks
ECE 429 Computer Architecture
ECE 457B Fundamentals of Computational Intelligence
ECE 488 Multivariable Control Systems  
ME 452 Energy Transfer in Buildings  
(ME 547 or Robotic Manipulators: Kinematics, Dynamics, Control
ECE 486 ) Robotic Dynamics and Control
ME 555 Computer-Aided Design
ME 563 Turbomachines
ME 564 Aerodynamics
MTE 460  Mechatronic System Integration
MTE 546
Multi-sensor Fusion
SYDE 348 User Centred Design Methods
SYDE 372 Introduction to Pattern Recognition
SYDE 384 Biological and Human Systems
SYDE 522 Machine Intelligence 
SYDE 542 Interface Design 
SYDE 544  Biomedical Measurement and Signal Processing
SYDE 556 Simulating Neurobiological Systems


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